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Item#: FLP124

Product Description
Want to order Boaris? Please go to see our fantastic new website!

The epitome of fantasy make-up and effects, Boaris is a brutish, pig-faced warrior with serated tusks that speak of a mating orgy between Orc, goblin and wild boar that went horribly wrong. Snarling and battle ready, Boaris is perfect for fantasy costumes, horrific beast-men (and women), Live Action Role Playing, and Hawaiian luaus. A full-face prosthetic that allows full-facial expression, Boaris is ready to take on any creative challenge you can put to it. Just remember that despite his beastly appearance, he is kind of shy and insecure deep inside. So a few words of encouragement from time to time would be appreciated. Nothing much, just a touch on the shoulder or a pat on the head with a quiet, “That’ll do pig, that’ll do.”

One movie-quality foam latex BOARIS prosthetic appliance-Ready to apply & color.
Better than a Halloween mask! Directions included. BOARIS is a great way to transform yourself for Halloween! A true Scream Team favorite! Wig, contacts, teeth, costumes not included. TUSKS are part of the foam latex appliance! Makeup kit sold separately.
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